Crazy Aunt Mary is getting radio airplay on:

'Nette Radio, Free Radio Jackson, Radio Crystal Blue, The Feminine Groove, Amazon Radio WPKN-FM, General Eclectic WCVF-FM, The Upper Room with Joe Kelley WVOF-FM, Dr. Lou Radio Show WNJC-AM, Celtica Radio,, Roads End Radio, Best Unheard Music, Gator Radio, Radio KPT, Earth and Sky, Neon Productions Radio, On Air Radio (WOAR), My Texas Country (WMTC), WRKF Public Radio 89.3 FM, Radio Arcadia (Last.FM), KTEP Public Radio 88.5 FM, Radio Gets Wild, Cygnus Radio, Radio Fly 1, WCSB 89.3 FM, KSUN Community Radio 103.9 FM, KVHU 95.3 FM, LUVeR, Unsigned Musos [USMO], EMM Radio, Radio Logan 101.1 FM, No Whispers Radio, Richmond Independent Radio [WRIR] 97.3 FM, 3NRG Inc 99.3 FM, Toxigenic's Tunage [84.9], Soft Rock In Stereo, Way Back Country [KWBC],, SinVox, Nambucca Valley Radio [2NVR] 105.9 FM, WYN 88.9 FM, Laughing Dog Radio, KZGM - Pacifica (NEW!), and WLAC 1510 AM. That's a lot of air play all over the world! Check 'em out. And please let us know if there's a radio station you'd like to hear our songs on.

Members of Crazy Aunt Mary have also been played multiple times on "Local Licks" for KLOS 95.5 FM in Los Angeles.


Georgia Moncrief,

"Michelle Holmes' songwriting prowess is firmly established in her latest work with Crazy Aunt Mary’s release 'Sexy Epsilon'. Her collaboration with Steve Pinkney creates an eclectic mix of songs that cannot help but leave the listener wanting to hear more. Track #7, 'Rockin’ a Hard Place', is a stand out on this newly released cd. The catchy words blend seamlessly with the music and really get your feet tapping. The music draws you in and leaves the listener wanting more."

Featuring "Walk of Fame" and "I Can't Be Your Lover"

Francis Kennedy,
"Have you ever seen two carrots making love? Well, that's what the stunning cover photo on Crazy Aunt Mary's album, 'Sexy Epsilon' looks like! It's a quirky image which matches well with the slightly quirky country/blues/folk songs inside. This full-length album is beautifully presented ... All songs are by bassist Michelle Holmes or in collaboration with guitarist Steve Pinkney. I liked this album in an easy-listening sort of way ... Michelle has a fine bluesy, country, folk voice ... With a voice like hers, she should go for broke. There are some brilliant acoustic guitar breaks from Steve Pinkney and the backing vocals and harmonies are excellent throughout ... the acoustic guitar is great. Michelle Holmes handles most of the lead vocals with Steve taking lead on the title track. Some of the better tracks are 'Walk of Fame', 'Sexy Epsilon', 'Black Emerald', 'Run Into the Sun' with its funky intro and 'Last One Home Tonight', a country song which could have been taken from an Eagles album, but wasn't."

Featuring "Black Emerald" and "Cup of Joe"

Staff Writer, Topanga Messenger:
"Topanga resident Michelle Holmes has placed in the top five nationally in the 2006 Indiegrrl Songwriting Competition ( for her song 'Indian Hills,' one of the 10 eclectic tracks off her band's latest CD, 'Sexy Epsilon.' Michelle's catchy lyrics are complimented by bluesy vocals backed by the exceptional acoustic guitar breaks of her husband, Steve Pinkney. Her song was selected among more than 250 entries to the competition, which is in its inaugural year. 'Indian Hills is a planned community I lived in while in high school in the Midwest, the antithesis of Topanga,' explains Michelle. 'It just seemed so bizarre to me that it was named 'Indian Hills' when it had nothing to do with Indians.' From the steamy cover, to the soulful creations within, 'Sexy Epsilon,' has a unique sound with refreshingly real, upbeat lyrics. Visit to learn more about her band, Crazy Aunt Mary, including their ongoing efforts to raise funds for their drummer, Doug Forsyth, who suffered severe injuries as a result of an automobile accident. Michelle and Steve recently organized and performed in a fundraiser for Doug at the Pitfire Grill in North Hollywood and have donated all the proceeds of the sale of 'Sexy Epsilon' to Doug's recovery effort."

Featuring "When I Close My Eyes"
(starring Alice)

Billy Sheppard, Rogue - Radio at Kulak's Woodshed:
"What happens when you take four amazing and sophisticated bands, add in a life saving cause, and locate it all at a concert venue that has nothing to sell and exists for the love of music?.

You have 20 seconds to come up with an answer --

Right! It's the Hep C Awareness benefit broadcast from Kulak's Woodshed on Saturday, June 23 with bands Crazy Aunt Mary, Debra Davis Band, Kelly's Lot and Nellie Bly. I'm about to add those names to my music list on myspace, and each and every one of them are about to make the heroes list as well. When consummate musicians who know what they are after lend their talents for free to a cause, they don't have to prove their courage in any other way.


The band named after the celebrated real aunt, who wore hats and did other things when people just didn't do that, opened with whip smart and all art song writer Michelle Holmes on bass and vocals and a lesson in what song writing is all about. Michelle is crazy like a fox with hair just as red and a head full of small words and big ideas. Her songs won the ASCAPlus Award in 2006. And in 2005. And in 2004. Let's see. Well, five years running! The audience at Kulak's has heard a song or two, and listens more than most, so they have the listening chops to laugh at the end of every single line of Michelle's simple and simply brilliant 'Walk of Fame' song. All that and red hair, with a floor length pirate-punk skirt that sported white skulls on a black background. Hot damn! Steve Pinkney on guitar and backing vocals took the high road, and delivered the goods on both acoustic and electric guitars. Steve is that kind of music guitar guy that plays the song straight through the solo, and doesn't look flashy when he makes a damn near impossible string of rapid notes seems like a throw away on acoustic or electric guitar. Whoo Whoo! That's music to remember. And Doug Forsyth on an Egyptian looking single drum is what I think of when I want to know why music is important. Doug is performing a Herculean task, similar to what Django Reinhart did after he lost three fingers, and re-discovering his music after a car accident that put him into a coma for six months. His rhythm was supportive and he has the very soul of music in him.

Crazy Aunt Mary's 'Sexy Epsilon' is a whip smart album with songs that know what they are after. Look for a review of that album coming soon to myspace in this blog.

Michelle took the mic later in the show to make a point. She is invested in the cause of saving lives, and articulate on the subject of becoming a living donor. Did you know that you can donate a part of your liver to save a life, and recover to know that you have saved a whole damn life for your trouble? That and you may just get free healthcare for life at UCLA Med Center? Well, you do now. Michelle volunteered to do just that. She got a battery of tests for free, and discovered that she didn't qualify as a donor. But she put her life on the line for someone. Is your life that meaningful? It's a big thing to ask."

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All songs by Steve Pinkney (BMI) and Michelle Holmes (ASCAP) except as follows:

* Written by Michelle Holmes